Equation Bouncers

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A peculiar brand of bouncers operating in the bars and drinking establishments of Gigerdii 2. These "Equation Bouncers" as they call themselves act completely the opposite towards their normal job describition: they forcibly throw carefully selected individuals into the bar and then deny them access away from the bar. Sometimes the unfortunate individual who has been thrown inside the bar has had to find alternative , and less comfortable ways of exiting the bar.

Many people wishing to enter bars that have Equation Bouncers working in their payroll use the back door to gain access to the bar since they do not feature bouncers of any kind; tickets to the back doors of various trendy drinking establishment are a sought after luxury.

The front doors of establishments featuring Equation Bouncers are usually pretty quiet. Only a few occasional tourists , gamblers and drifters might accidentially get bounced in nowadays.