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This picture illustrates the extensive urban areas and vast cities on the planet.

Ownership: GA
System: Preoria system, third planet
Terrain type: Arid
Location: Beta Quadrant

Gigerdi 2 is the third planet of the Preoria system. The terrain is arid and usually very cold around the year; the sun shines only twice a month in Gigerdi 2 and therefore the days are very dark and murky.

Population statistics

Population: 11 Billion
Population Growth Rate: 1.00%
Life Expectancy at Birth: 115 standard years.
Birth Rate: 28 200/1 000 000 population.
Death Rate: 17 300/1 000 000 population.

Ethnic factions:

Languages: 91 % Human standard language, 4% Old Gigerdian language, 2% Orcish Dialect and 3% others.


Labor Force: 9.4 Billion

Labor Force, by Occupation: 25% Military, 10% Section 18, 30% Services, 30% Industry, 5% other.

Industries: Gigerdi 2 houses one of the largest ship manufacturing facilities in the GA territories, located on Khalkis Island.

Agricultural Products: Space Bananas, Garls, Vaarloipsars, Vesis, Lances, Katklasses and fish. (All of these can be grown in the Bio-domes on Gigerdi 2)

Exports Commodities: Space Bananas, Small firearms, Dexoss-Metal, Uranium, Ship hulls, Plasma weapons, Folan-Beer, Military grade-Communicators, Cerium, Fusion weapons, Biotech-products and holowindows.

Exports Partners: Does most of their trading with the GA, the Texians and other various pirate and outlaw smuggler groups.

Imports Commodities: Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Medical Goods, surplus GA military equipment, Erbium, Silicon, Terbium, Holo televisions, Yttrium, Marrium, Fine wines, Telmium-Fuel, Glass, Computer consoles, Pads and Isolinear rods.

Imports Partners: Deals mostly with GA, Texians, the Hemmoian Federation and several other smaller groups that can sneak from the Customs.


Capital: Citadel of Kyle (The Southern continent).

Natural Resources: Zinc, Copper, Lead, Iron, Nickel, Tritanium, Carbon, Strallium, Xentronium, Platinum, Titanium, Neutronium, Zantr, Uranium, Chromium, Cesium, Germanium, Gallium and Cerium

Land Use: Cities 70%, Forest 5%, Water 25%

Biggest Cities: Citadel of Kyle, Freeport, Great Bend, Mantsur City, Death Peninsula, Salt melt City, Nathan's point, Day glow, Wynd and Xob.

Spaceports: 1 500, major spaceports 10, which are located in the Citadel of Kyle, Freeport, Great Bend, Mantsur City, Death Peninsula, Salt melt City, Nathan's point, Day glow, Wynd, Xob, Raccoon town, Scott City.

Fighter Garrisons: 500

Climate: The southern continent is very cold, due to the fact that Gigerdi 2's moon covers the continent, so the sunlight is unable to reach there.

Terrain: Has some high mountains, low land and few rivers.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Green Lagoon -970 m
Lowest Point (underwater): -26 345 m
Highest Point: Mount Victory 22 378 m

Natural Hazards: The natural hazards include storms, tornadoes, and other similar things.

Gigerdi 2, unlike GP, is a dark place and has only one body of water. Gigerdi 2 is not considered an important place anymore; it was during the time of the Timocracy war, but when it ended Gigerdi 2 became an "Independent member state". R&D has one of its major facilities on Gigerdi 2 and the GA Military has several bases there.

The capital city is called Citadel of Kyle, it houses the former Emperor's palace and Gigerdi 2 Government, the local militia and police forces also have their facilities in the city.

The other cities house huge industrial facilities. Most of the cities house huge "slum areas" that are habituated by criminals and smugglers.

The GA senate representative rule the local Gigerdi 2 government along with other "counselors". The local government receives funding from mining and starship-making, but most of the funds go to the repairing of the infrastructure that has been badly devastated by the lack of social care and the low amount of funds for the government services.

Gigerdi 2 has an "Independent state" status, meaning that the GA government considers Gigerdi 2 as a colony world, but it still has wide autonomy in it's part. The security force for the Preoria system is called "Home guard", during the Timocracy war the Home guard was the personal elite forces of Emperor Kyle Gigerdi that acted as the security forces for the whole system. Many of the cities are similar to the capital city; they include huge industrial factories and city areas that can span many kilometers. Most of the planet's surface is urban, leaving little space for either forests or vegetation.