H. R. Gigerdi Show

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An infamous Gigerdian talk show, the record-breaking H. R. Gigerdi Show is one of the most well known holovision shows in the Galaxy. Hosted by H. R. Gigerdi, the show has always delivered a quirky, tasteless, out-of-place dose of lame humour, even during inter-galactic wars and oppressive martial laws.

The show is available in a wide range of languages and media, including regular 2D broadcats, holovision, planetary data networks, and even the high-speed subspace relays of the Hemmoian Collective (much to the annoyance of the Bureau of Wholesomeness).


The H. R. Gigerdi Show contains many recurring sketches, as well as special episodes such as the H.R. Gigerdi Wet Spacesuit Contest, produced annually. The contest involves the host of the show travelling across the galaxy to hold wet spacesuit contests, in which the contestants must successfully complete a set of tasks in order to win great prizes. The contest has been banned in several worlds, but it is still as popular as ever.