H.R. Gigerdi Wet Spacesuit Contest

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The H.R. Gigerdi Wet Spacesuit contest is an annual part of the H.R. Gigerdi Show. The contest apparently involves the host of the show, H.R. Gigerdi, travelling across the galaxy to hold wet spacesuit contests, in which the contestants must successfully complete a set of tasks in order to win great prizes. The contest has been banned in several worlds, but it is still as popular as ever. The contest also involves the practise of arriving to the location of the contest with as bizarre looking vehicles as possible - which the host of the entire show usually starts.

HR Gigerdi Shuttle.JPG

The MCXXII Wet Spacesuit Contest saw HR Gigerdi arrive to the scene in this custom-painted and modeled shuttlecraft, which the press dubbed as the "Pimp Shuttle".