Lanzi Light Interceptor

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Engines: 2 Light Impulse Engines
FTL Drive: Warp Drive (Warp Speed 20)
Max. Crew: 2
Norm. Crew: 1
Min. Crew: 1
Length: 4 meters
Width: 11 meters
Armor: Light

  • 2 primaries
  • 4 secondary weapon launchers

Shields: Standard Energy Shields (250 units)
Planetary Landing Capability: No
Atmospheric Flight Capability: No
Reactor: Small Fusion Reactor

The Lanzis were the former standard Gigerdian fighters and were widely deployed in the H'Vos conflict where they served as one of the primary fighters. After the conflict, the fighter began to gradually lose its position in the Gigerdian fleet, as they proved mostly useless against the Gorgs in the Gorg War. During the Timocracy War, the Lanzis were again widely deployed, and even though they proved to be more effective than in the previous conflict, Gigerdian fleet command was not impressed by their performance. The aging design was finally decommissioned during the Lightness War, where they were brutally overpowered by Lightness forces.

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