Liberation of the Delubian Blockade

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Background for the conflict

The system of Delub was one of the earliest colonies of the Gigerdians in the Alpha Quadrant. The colonization of the system had been left to two rivaling family enterprises, that had been at war with it each other occasionally. As the Gigerdians left for space, old truces flared up on the galactic scale between these two families and their deep-space colonization teams.

Two planets in the Delub system were charted by the same probes and survey teams of these two rivaling family enterprises. Both of the families claimed the system as something that they had themselves found and now "claimed for the Gigerdi Federation". It would seem, that both of these family enterprises had financial reasons for their interest in the Delub system due to the vast new natural resources located there.

As the disagreement was brought before the Gigerdi Federation's commercial courts, they ruled in favor of both of the family enterprises: thus, it meant that both of the families had rights for the mineral mining and colonization of the system. This did not satisfy either side - it merely pushed both of the sides to construct small colony outposts and orbital platforms on separate planets in the same system.

A corporate war ensued in the system: sabotage and terrorist activities along with suspicious kidnappings and assassinations on both sides were the tools of the game. Both of the sides attempted to neutralize each other and gain the upper hand while attempting to make the system look peaceful on the outside. Both of the families were fully aware, that if the Gigerdian authorities would hear of their "invincible war", dire means would be used to suppress it.

The whole mess was kept under wraps for a few years, since no traditional chains of command and lines of communication between colonial authorities and the government were yet fully established. However, the other family started to gain the upper hand over its' rival at one point, and thus started to utilize more extreme methods in the war: at the point when the rivaling faction imposed a blockade on the other colony world was the Gigerdi Federation Aerospace Command alerted of the true colors of the 'peaceful and prosperous' Delub-system.

The Gigerdi Federation ruled the entire corporate war and both of it's sides illegal and thus they were to be disarmed and placed under arrest. The Gigerdi Federation sent a sizable fleet of ships to equally separate both of the sides - that had grown quite varied in their backgrounds by that time - and restore peace in the system. The campaign which followed is known as the Liberation of the Delubian Blockade.

The campaign to stabilize Delub

Naturally both of the families understood, that once the Gigerdi Federation and its' government had been notified of the planetary blockade, the end would come soon.

Both of the families fought separately to try and stop the Gigerdians vessels from boarding their mining platforms and arresting their members: however their weapons and technology were ultimately of no use against coordinated military forces and their tactics.

What should be noted, is that both of the families had grown at this point to pseudo-criminal organizations with multiracial "members" and "made men" who acted as the soldiers for the war. It is quite possible, that neither of these families had any Gigerdian leadership anymore.


Delub was brought under a much more strict control by the Gigerdi Federation's government. Laws were also passed which restricted private corporations and firms from laying claims on uninhabited systems and mineral resources without government supervision.