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The Marauders or sometimes known officially as the Marauder Dominancy are an organized group in the Free Zone, described as a bunch of technocrats interested of salvaging ships. They’re pretty well armed and organized, and their way of doing things resemble the ways of an organized society. They’ve been known to shoot trespassers.

The Marauders hold several outposts and even a starship manufacturing plant under their control in the zone. They regularly patrol certain shipping lanes and areas inside the zone to discourage piracy and anarchy towards anyone travelling the areas, but they are also interested of looting anything they find interesting along the way.

The Marauders also have a tendency to prosecute captured pirates, raiders and criminals who come along their way somehow. Trials aboard their starships are held against the prosecuted ones which are most often than not found guilty and then jettisoned to the prison planet of Sadkara to outlast their less than equitable punishments.

The Marauders dress in red armor suits and are known to have several members from the various humanoid species in their ranks. The Marauders in judicial matters at least are led by the Marauder High Court, but anything beyond that is largely unknown.