New Worlds class light carrier

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Engines: 4 Medium Impulse Engines
FTL Drive: Warp Drive
Length: 800 meters
Width: 600 meters
Armor: Light cap ship armor

Shields: Old Human Shields (rated at 20 000 s.u.)
Fighters: 70 fighters
Max. Crew: 600 crewmembers
Min. Crew: 4 crewmembers
Cargo Space: 300 m³
Planetary Landing Capability: Yes
Atmospheric Flight Capability: Yes

New Worlds was the first carrier in the UCP starfleet. It was designed before the Gorg War and was mostly used against pirates and other hostile factions. Its performance in the Gorg War was below average and production of the vessel was halted before the Timocracy War, in which every remaining New Worlds class carrier was destroyed.

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