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The term sensors is used to point to any device which is used to scan, record, or otherwise observe any aspect of an environment surrounding a starship, station, or person. There are a few basic types of sensor arrays employed: the most used ones being passive and active sensors. A passive scan is less obtrusive than an active scan, and may not be detected by the subject being scanned. It is also possible to obstruct sensor scans by using i.e. radiation or certain materials.

Most starships and stations, especially military ones, are equipped with sensors of a higher grade. These sensors, depending on how advanced they are, can be hard to obstruct. Naturally as a way to combat this, some species have designed molecular shielding as an aid.

Navigational sensors link with the navigational computer and conn station to chart a starship's course through space. Optimized to detect navigational markers such as chronometric relays, navigation beacons, pulsars, quasars, and other objects programmed into the ship's computer, nav sensors make it easy for the Flight Control Officer to stay on course and monitor the ship's progress.

Active sensors

Passive sensors