XM659 "Slim stick" Medium Plasma Gatling

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This particular XM659 medium Plasma Gatling was confiscated from a group of smugglers by the GA military riot police. The weapon in this picture is decorated with black clan markings of some sort and it also has a custom-built shoulder sling attached. The fusion battery is missing and thus only the cord leading to it remains.

The XM659 medium Plasma Gatling was a modified version of the Light "Slick Deluxe" Light Plasma Gatling with the previous version's qualities reinstated. This particular model kept the three barrels and grew back the length of the original "Redeemer" Plasma Gatling Gun. However the firepower of the XM659 is only slightly bigger than the Slick Deluxe's.

The XM659 is quite common in various GA and Texian armories despite the fact that through shady deals these weapons have been sold to various underground organisations around the galaxy mainly by Texian traders . It should be noted however, that the black-market version of this particular weapon has a low-grade, custom built battery pack that sometimes uses old fusion cells to power itself.

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