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Ownership: HFed
System: Ameet system
Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen
Population: 5 billion
RSA designation: RSA-013-1
Location: Delta Quadrant

An early UO colonization effort, the planet Ameet is a major population center. It is a large planet with all surface area covered in aggressive vegetation.


The planet Ameet was one of the early colonization projects of the United Orcs Royal Space Administration during the expansionist period of time later known as New Colonization Era.

By the end of the Second Age, the planet's population had already climbed into the billions range.

Secession from the Union

When the Independent Hypersentiences declared their independence, Ameet was one of the worlds to join this new state.

Under the Hemmoian Federation


Facilities on this world include hundreds of space ports and resupply depots, used by space traffic outbound from the Orbeus Cluster towards the Alpha Quadrant border and the Core Alpha Spaceway. Industry is centered around the planet's multiple mineral mines as well as the top-of-the-line computer stations.

Orbital facilities

Ameet was a major Dimensional Gateway hub during early UO space exploration initiatives, and several of the Gateways, although old-fashioned, are still in operation. They allow for Underspace jumpgate access for many older starships that still travel the region.

Security fleet

Like most HFed colonies, Ameet is protected by an IHSF security subfleet.