Bacterian Encounter

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In Gigerdian history, The Bacterian Encounter was a short-lived border conflict between the Gigerdi Federation and the Bacterian Empire that took place after the HemmoCruiser Incident. The hostilities ended with the ratification of the Peace Station Interspecies Treaty.

Battle of Ksendaar

Main article: Battle of Ksendaar

The initial conflict took place somewhere around the planet Ksendaar in the space between the Gamma and Alpha Quadrants. The conflict became known as the Battle of Ksendaar. The battle was initiated when a force of Bacterian ships led by Fleetlord Basat Firmicutes Mithan attacked the mining colony, and a small group of three Gigerdian ships, led by Admiral Ksen Drigo, responded to the threat. The battle ended with some losses to the Gigerdian forces. This resulted in several border skirmishes and a military campaign between the two spacefaring civilizations.

Military campaign

Alarmed by the destruction of their starships by a new alien enemy, the Gigerdi Federation responded to the threat by boosting their existing border forces around Ksendaar with a significant additional fighting force.

From the records preserved from the initial Encounter and the later skirmishes, it appears the Gigerdi Federation Military was fighting not a full invasion force but only a single carrier group, probably belonging to one of the Empire's Expeditionary Legions charting unexplored regions of the Galaxy.

To counter the threat of Bacterian starfighters, the GF military fielded the Inorganic class corvette against the invaders at this time. It corvette was an anti-fighter fire support vessel operating with the larger Gigerdian cruisers. The result was a disaster, as a Bacterian cruiser could take an Inorganic down with only two or three shots.