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The GANN title page.

The Gigerdi Alliance News Network is an interstellar media service owned by the Gigerdi Alliance government and operated by Gigerdian News, the Alliance's largest news corporation.

Funding for GANN was initially authorized by the dual emperors of the newly founded Gigerdi Alliance to provide news and information Galaxy-wide, broadcasting through subspace relays even beyond GA borders. It was envisioned as a neutral point of view general news service similar to the HCNF.

Although GANN was government funded and corporately managed, it evolved into an independently working news service that served a pronounced anti-propaganda role in the GA, going as far as denouncing the Rubek regime during the GA Civil War. When Rubek was forced to leave office, the GANN returned to operate under the GN corporation.

Like most interstellar news services, the GANN employs a universal translator to translate their articles for easy reading by a number of different galactic civilizations.

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