Xaron Prime

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System: Xaron
Moons: Silver Moon
Ownership: HFed

Xaron is a world rich in resources, known for its heavy industry and economic development.


The first colonies on Xaron Prime were established illegally by Ho'kan corporate prospectors without RSA mandate.

Xaron Consortium

With the development of lucrative mining operations and heavy industry on the world, the Xaron Consortium was established. Initially the planetary government was not allied with either the Ho'kan Empire or the United Orcs.

Relations with the United Orcs turned from cold to openly aggressive with the complete failure of the Xaron Sanctions Campaign, resulting from decades of economic warfare and allegations of rentient rights violations in the system.

V3 Alliance

When the V3 Alliance was founded in the Vorek system, the Xaron Consortium became one of its three member starpowers and the Alliance's economic powerhouse.

Great Chaos

With the destruction of Xalan and the downfall of the V3 Alliance, the Consortium was forced to re-evaluate its standing. The effort of the V3 War had exhausted the world's resources for the time.

Eventually, the Consortium leaders were forced to surrender to the UO, and the system was annexed.