Gigord City

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Gigord City is the capital of Gigerdi Prime. It is smaller than most of the other cities on the planet in terms of its size and population but more than makes up for its political importance. Some of the citizens on Gigerdi Prime consider Gigord City as somehow "unimportant" due to it's size and lack of recreational facilities.

Gigord city houses the Gigerdi Dome, the Headquarters of the Gigerdi Federation Strategic Command (GFSC) along with the main research laboratory complex for the Gigerdi Federation R&D division. The most distinguishable feature of the entire city is the domed complex known as Gigerdi Dome which houses the Senate Building, The Emperor's Palace, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Trade along with various governmental offices and embassies. The Gigerdi Federation Military Academy is located in Gigord city, however.

It is said that "Gigord City is just icing on the cake whereas Gigerdi Dome is the big cherry on the cake".